How to Create a New Account

Welcome to WSRA's new registration software. Follow the directions below to setup a new account. 

  1. From the HOME Page, click on the "Sign In" button  in the upper right hand corner and then click on "Create a new account".
  2. Once you have entered all of the required fields (including your family's password), click on the "Create Profile" button to establish your family's account.
  3. Now that your family's account has been created, you can add family members to the account by clicking on the "Add Member" button . Enter all required fields for each family member and click save. Once ALL family members have been added to the account, you will be ready to begin using our Online Registration system
  4. PLEASE make note of the email address and password you provided when setting up your account. The email address and password will be needed to access your account for future online registrations and account management.
  5. Online Registration requires a partial payment.
If you are having trouble creating your account, please call our office at   
847-244-6619 and our staff will be happy to help you.