Coronavirus Update - August 10, 2020

Dear WSRA Families & Staff,

As we continue to monitor the rate of COVID cases in the Lake County Area and monitor the school districts remote learning plans, we would like to provide you with a program update. WSRA will continue to offer free Zoom sessions. Small group outdoor programs will be held for a nominal fee as the weather permits for individuals 16 and older. All indoor and in person programs will not resume until there is a consistent decrease of positivity within our region.

We will share an update with you at the end of the year. At this time there are no plans to resume Friends & Company or LEAP. Thank you for your patience as we navigate offering as many services as possible safely.

The WSRA Team


Coronavirus Update - May 29, 2020

Dear WSRA Families and Staff,

There have been a great deal of questions surrounding summer camps, LEAP and traditional programs this summer. Today, we made the difficult decision to cancel all  in-person summer programs. Staff evaluated each program taking in consideration the Governor’s Restore Illinois plan and each program’s unique characteristics. The four focal points were social distancing, staff contact, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs and program size.

We recognize that cancelling our programs has a significant impact on our participants, their families, caregivers and our amazingly talented part-time team members. However, if we pivot our thinking and planning now, we can begin navigating the next steps.

Over the decades, WSRA has managed to overcome the barriers we have encountered. The special recreation field has faced many challenges in the past but has emerged smarter, stronger and with a deeper sense of purpose every time. We will persevere, we will adapt, and we will continue to provide for the participants we collectively serve.

What will WSRA look like this summer?

We want you to know that our team has been working hard to offer modified programming using a variety of virtual platforms. We are also planning activities for individuals that do not have virtual access or have other needs. Please bear with us as our staff start to transition back to the office.

In the meantime, we encourage you to consider participating in some of our virtual  programs by being added to our weekly email program list. Visit our website at

We will continue to monitor safety recommendations and as soon as we can safely   return to our traditional programs, we will notify everyone. We are a strong community even when not together in person. We hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy through this all.

If you have questions, please email your questions to or call the office at 847-244-6619.


The WSRA Team

Coronavirus Update - May 22, 2020

Dear WSRA Summer Camp Families and Staff,

There have been many questions about the status of WSRA’s Summer Camps, such as whether they will take place this summer. As mentioned in past emails, WSRA will not be running on-site programs or Summer Camps during Sessions 1 or 2 (June 15 – July 10). Credits will be issued to your online account if your family member was registered for Sessions 1 and 2 of Summer Camp. If you would prefer a refund rather than a credit to your account, please send me an email as we would be happy to provide a refund.

WSRA’s team is still in the process of making the difficult decision about whether to run or cancel on-site Summer Camp during Sessions 3 and 4 (July 13 – August 7). We will be making an official decision about Sessions 3 and 4 by the end of May. We are continuously monitoring safety recommendations and will keep all families and staff updated during this difficult process.

We recognize that cancelling Summer Camp during Sessions 1 and 2 will have a significant impact on our participants, families and staff members. If you would like a list of staff who are interested in respite/babysitting for your child during the absence of WSRA’s on-site programming, please contact WSRA. NOTE: Any arrangements that are made between WSRA staff and your child is separate from our agency (i.e. pay rates, liability, communication, interviews, etc.). View the WSRA respite waiver under the forms tab. This waiver must be signed by both staff and parents and emailed/mailed to WSRA prior to the start of any respite/babysitting arrangement.

Please know that our team has been diligently working to offer free virtual programming, and we encourage your family member to consider participating in some of our virtual program offerings. A weekly email of virtual programs is sent to families every Friday, and you can also find this list of programs here on our website. We are also in the process of planning activities (such as Pen Pals) for individuals that do not have virtual access, or for individuals who would like additional options to stay connected. Please bear with us as we continue to work remotely. 

We are a strong community even when not together in person. We hope that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy during this time. Please contact myself or anyone on our team with questions.


Tracy Magee, CTRS
Recreation Coordinator & Summer Camp Director

Coronavirus Update - May 2, 2020

Dear WSRA Families,

We would like to thank you for your patience while waiting to hear updates about WSRA’s plans for summer programming. Our full-time staff have been doing extensive research and have been attending countless virtual meetings with professionals from all over Chicagoland, including other SRA staff, Park District staff and PDRMA representatives, to name just a few. Professionals from all of these agencies are striving to gain as much knowledge as possible before making decisions about summer programming, and we are eagerly and patiently waiting for the CDC’s guidance. The safety of our participants, families, staff, volunteers and community members are constantly on our minds as we try to determine a plan of action, and our heartstrings are being tugged at as we know our participants and families truly need our services.

As of today, we are still uncertain whether summer programs such as LEAP, weekly programs and summer day camps will run, with options being: A) run in-person programs the 2nd half of the summer (and possibly virtual programs the first half), or B) not run any in-person programs this summer and consider virtual programs only, similar to the current spring season. We understand that some families may not feel comfortable sending their loved one(s) to programs if we decide to offer them in-person, due to COVID-19 concerns. When we are able to reconnect in person, WSRA and the Township will be following all possible safety precautions. 

WSRA will be sure to email families as soon as we make an official decision about summer programming. Thank you again for your patience during this uncertain time. We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and well.

Coronavirus Update - April 28, 2020

The WSRA office is closed through May due to the extension of the Illinois “Stay-at-Home” order. Virtual programs are available in place of in-person programs. Please check back here for updates. The WSRA staff are working remotely and will periodically check their voicemail and email for messages. Phone extensions and email addresses are listed on the About Us section of this website.

Funds Needed During the Coronavirus Health Crisis

During these challenging times many are dealing with isolation that comes with the stay-at-home order. WSRA is making an impact to ease the stress and keep our participants positive, active and connected through our on-line programming.

Your donation can help us continue our virtual recreation programs, 1:1 chat sessions, and make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Please spread the word to family and friends. Thank you!